What is Travertine

If you are considering the difference between stone tile like travertine and marble, we will give you some informaiton about them.

Travertine is a form of limestone not very hard like marble.  Some of the most colors are Ivort, Beige, Walnut colors (light, medium, dark) Noche (Dark Brown), Silver and Gold. Combination of this color are also possible. Colors variations and color name variations are quite common within the Trvetine industry Cream, Cappucino, chcolote.

Travertine is use by  flooring companies, pool builders, home improvement companies by default cross cut. This refers to the default way of cutting travertine blocks which are harvested from the quarry. In order to produce vein cut travertine, the travertine blocks are rotared and the cuts take place across the vein as cutting a tree. You can cut a tree vertically or horizontally. If you cut it vertically, the veins come out, same with Travertine.

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